Shenandoah Valley Country Club Wedding

Jacinta’s curls were pinned up already. Her makeup had been masterfully done. Her mom had laced her into that vision of a wedding dress. Cinderella’s glass slippers fit like a glove. She’d settled into her jewelry. All that remained was the veil, and it was coming soon. Jacinta’s wedding day had dawned with the hint of rain, had continued with a downpour, and was scattered showers all afternoon. It’s pressure, yes it is: when you’ve dreamt through your whole engagement of an outdoor wedding, but the weather doesn’t appear cooperative.

Her Prince, her Daniel, her soon-to-be-husband was downstairs calmly running the show: “No, don’t move indoors.” “Yes, we’re going to have it outdoors.” “Why do you keep asking?! My wife wants an outdoor wedding, my wife is going to have an outdoor wedding!”

His optimism finally proved correct. As the guests arrived, he tasked the ushers to start drying off the chairs. As the music queued, the clouds parted. As the ceremony started, it was the most mild, not-at-all-hot, northern Virginia August day. It was perfect.

She finished getting ready, watching from the upstairs window as the lawn filled with people. Her final touch? The lace, fingerless gloves that her Mom had worn to her own wedding many years ago. She slipped them on, adjusted the lace just so, and then walked to meet her Dad on the way to meet her husband.


(Might be the most brother-of-the-groom enthusiasm I have ever seen on display! )

This girl = gorgeous.  Yes?

(No words.)

The above shot is pivotal because it was the last frame I took before we went into the reception.  The words “Okay, folks, we’re done with portraits”  were halfway out of my mouth when I felt the first raindrop since before the ceremony.  Timing, yes?!  God is gracious. =)


(Above: probably my favorite shot of the day.  Especially because of the bridesmaids, watching the perfectly executed first dance.)


Weddings seldom happen without some little glitch along the way, but it’s not usually a planned glitch, specifically concocted to thwart the groomsmen’s endeavors to decorate the getaway car. Daniel wins the prize for “most ingenious groom.” Knowing his Groomsmen would do him a good one and deck out his car, he had them load his sedan with their luggage, he let them think he’d just given them the key to decorating his car, and he made them pull up the car as though he was preparing to leave.

But then he begged the DJ for two more songs, just for he and his gal.
He danced and laughed and grinned quite smugly.

The elaborately decorated white car in the driveway was filled to the brim with balloons, but it wasn’t their transportation. Instead, they’d be driving away in a stretch limousine.

Well done, Daniel. Well done.

Have you seen their engagement photos?  Click on over!

Many thanks to the staff at Shenandoah Valley Golf Club and Fairview House for their exceptional service and flawless presentation, and to Genevieve of Glow Skincare & Makeup for amazing work with the already-beautiful girls.

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  1. Impeccable timing on so many of the photos! Every time I pick a favorite, I have to choose the next one! Love it! I mean them!

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