Magnolia Manor Wedding















After all the planning, all the little stress-making-moments, all the details, all the anticipation, her wedding day arrived. Finally. She hung out with her best friends in the last few minutes as the bride-to-be and relishing the almost-there-ness of her long awaited title of wife. Peeking out the window to watch guests arrive through the columns of the magnificent Magnolia Manor, she finished those little touches on her day. The dress. The shoes. The lip gloss. The garter. The pearls. It might have been rushing past – that day of hers – but she took the time to relish it; to remember it.

Her groom did the same. Anxious to start the fun, yes, but dwelling on the present and living it fully. Gladly. He took the time to adjust a groomsman’s tie, to laugh with his ring bearer, to chat with his best man. It was his wedding day and he lived it. Fully.

They relished it together. They relished it to the very end. The last possible moment of their day, and they were taking it all in.

Their friends and family were lining the walkway of the Manor, armed and dangerous with mountains of bubbles. Locked and loaded, these favorite people were ready to shower Steven and Ashleigh with a visible blessing and tangible love in the form of bubbles. A few friends tested their bubble-blowing skills, a few others tossed jokes back and forth across the path. But – for the most part – they were quiet. Calmly excited. Giddily subdued. Waiting.

Waiting for the brand new husband and wife.

Waiting for those two dear friends.

Waiting for Steven and Ashleigh.

Steven and Ashleigh didn’t rush. They relished. Coming down the walk and toward the getaway car, there was no running…no hurry…no fast forwarding the moment. Instead, they moved along the line of their bubble-blowing friends and smiled at each one. Genuinely. Gladly. Intentionally. Sincerely. One step at a time, one friend at a time, one moment at a time. A couple hand shakes, a few high fives.

They didn’t rush, they relished.

And that is a good wedding day.


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