Civic Duty, Abroad

Every week, I drive down into Americaland for a day.  The border guards welcome me “home,” my Honda loves switching from kilometers into miles (yay electronics!), my Verizon cell phone immediately starts down to business calling anyone and everyone I can think of who might possibly be able to talk to me (the first call is ALWAYS to my Mom, of course, and she ALWAYS welcomes me back to America).

It’s the little things. These little traditions, they bring a patriotic joy into my heart and a glorious freedom to my week.  (And, yes, Canadaland is starting to work its way into my heart, but after twenty-some-odd years of being proudly American, my Americaland will always take priority in my world.)

But even after all those favorite little things, there’s one more highlight to my day waiting for me.

An hour later its opening ceremony for the homeschool co-op where I hang out with the babies and toddlers. An elementary school age student holds Ol’ Glory, his siblings next to him in an adorably crooked line. The room stands to attention and then it starts: The Pledge of Allegiance.

Oh jiminy.

The first week? I almost sobbed.

Ah, America. I love you.


Thanks to a beautiful creation known as absentee ballots, my patriotism can carry me into election season (without all the phone calls! hooray for Canada living!) and when the votes are counted tomorrow, mine will be in the mix.

God bless America.

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