I went to Charleston

After nine years of friendship (and four more of acquaintance-ship), the very first Marian-Jennifer girls weekend finally happened.  No husbands (no offense, men!), no kiddos (you know we love you!), no agenda (for two type-A’s, our basic agenda was practically not even a schedule).  Just a couple of foodie stops, a shopping excursion, and a nice long night’s sleep.

Brunching at the end of a family-style table (Charleston, I love you) and chatting it up with the freshly retired gentleman and his stylish wife was only one of the highlights; swapping travel stories, southern-isms, life perspective over hot coffee and steaming homemade biscuits.

Full of deep fried southern food, we spent Sunday watching triathletes run around in circles.  It’s always fun to be on the winning team, even if all I did was occupied a child and cheered on the athlete.

For this Carolina girl living in Canadaland, the joy in white sand beaches is unbridled.  Warm air, warm sand, warm water, warm sun. Those hour of sunny bliss has me counting down the days until my next trip to the South.

I feel like an episode of the Bachelorette as I repeat over and over “the highlight of my trip!” as though there could possibly be any more dramatic highlights to spotlight. Meeting my favorite contemporary author, though? DEFINITELY another highlight worth mentioning. Rachelle Rea authored the Steadfast Love Trilogy and I have spent the past several years counting down the months between books, excitedly devouring each new piece of the story. Browsing a used bookstore with a real-life published author?  Talk about an afternoon in paradise. =)

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