Camera and Film

I have so many words swimming around in my head.  Words about immigration and transition and business milestones and rainy days and grief and baking triumphs and home decor and shoe purchases and summer travel and the words just keep on spewing. On and on and on.

It’s another quiet evening.  I love it when I finally hit the point when I can call another day a success and sit down and just be.

The dryer is humming, the dishwasher is doing its job, Chopin is keeping me company, and I have a (mostly) clean indoor universe.  I took a walk in the rain, because I decided not to let a few wet drops stand between me and fresh air.  I have photowork all caught up (finally…um…mostly).  I have a plan of attack for tomorrow’s super hyper extra busy day.  I have all the pieces of the paperwork puzzle for Friday’s task list. And, yes, I think I’m about ready to call Wednesday a success.

I spend so much of my time with electronics, sometimes I wonder what paper feels like.  I have computers and cell phones (yes, multiples of each — call it the curse of a bi-country digital photographer) and a e-reader and a tablet and an mp3 player.

So when given a roll of film and an ancient camera, life suddenly feels a little less complicated and a whole lot more real.  When that film is processed and developed, life slows and simplicity grows.  When those photos are piled in my hand, those moments are frozen in time.

I’m going to the library. I need some more pages to turn.

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