Alissa: a Nooksack High Senior (and her friend Jessica)

Meet Alissa and Jessica.

They laugh. And laugh. And laugh some more.

They have inside jokes and code words and silly faces.

Basically, they are the coolest definition of friendship. Ever.

They go to school together. They laugh together. They work together. They laugh together.  They do sports together. They laugh together.

Seriously. Nothing serious about them.  (Except when working on their already incredible skills and accomplishing more of their fabulously lofty goals :-P)

While I was outside with Olivia,  Stephanie of Gown and Glove was inside the store helping Alissa and Jessica sort through the racks of dresses while Ashley of Love Beauty watched, laughed with them, and waited to wield her makeup magic.  (I never cease to be amazed: how Ashley does it, I’ll never know. She starts with an already stunning girl and a few minutes later makes her even more gorgeous, it doesn’t even seem possible!)

In a collaboration with Gown & Glove Bridal Consignment and Love Beauty Bellingham, I hung out with and photographed fabulously beautiful Whatcom County high schoolers. This story is part of a series.

Dresses compliments of Gown & Glove. Makeup provided by Love Beauty. Photography by JenniMarie Photography.

If you know Alissa (or Jessica!) and book a photoshoot (or visit Gown & Glove or hire Love Beauty), Alissa and Jessica will receive credit toward their discounts and prizes when you mention their names. Plus, you might be eligible for discounts, too!

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