Olivia: a Mount Baker High Junior

“Hey, Olivia, can you stand over here now?”

She moved compliantly into place.

“Now a little closer to the wall.  Or, yeah, right there. Closer to the door.  Wait, it’s propped open a bit.  Be careful.  I don’t want it to give you a black eye if it swings forward.”

I took two photos, directing her between shots, and then squealed as the door (yes, you guessed it) swung open. And it swung open fast.  She jumped. I jumped.  The poor man jumped.

Apparently he doesn’t usually find elegantly dressed prom-goers standing outside his workroom door.  Oops.

He laughed. We laughed.  And no eyes were blackened.

Ah, the adventures of downtown Bellingham. Gotta love it.   Right, Olivia? 😛

P.S. Isn’t she stunning? Like, SO stunning!

In a collaboration with Gown & Glove Bridal Consignment and Love Beauty Bellingham, I hung out with and photographed fabulously beautiful Whatcom County high schoolers. This story is part of a series.

Dresses compliments of Gown & Glove. Makeup provided by Love Beauty. Photography by JenniMarie Photography.

If you know Olivia and book a photoshoot (or visit Gown & Glove or hire Love Beauty), Olivia will receive credit toward her discounts and prizes when you mention her name. Plus, you might be eligible for discounts, too!

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  1. Oh, Olivia! These photos are lovely and capture her personality so well! I love love love the one with the sun peaking from behind. Just perfect.

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