I went to the Tulip Festival

It’s become an annual tradition, this tulip festival thing. I’ve explored the Skagit Valley tulip fields, the Agassiz tulip festival, and now the Abbotsford Tulip Festival! Between the color-filled expanse (pure joy, I tell you!) and the people-watching, the tulip festival is a gem of an event. Someday I will explore the heritage of a tulip season in Holland, but until then I will embrace the local tulips.
Tulip Festival Tulip Festival Abbotsford Tulip Festival

My little friend Clayton has been sniffing flowers since before he was one, so I can’t imagine a better tulip buddy than his three-year-old blonde-curls cuteness. Especially because he couldn’t quite grasp the difference between his two lips and the tulips.
Abbotsford Tulip Festival If you decide to go to Abbotsford Tulip Festival next year, here’s a few tips from our experience:
1) Wear boots. Preferably hoseable, rubber boots that will withstand several inches of mud. You’ll be able to buy shoe covers at the Festival, but boots are going to be a little more functional and exponentially more fashionable.

2) Go on a weekday. The weekend crowds are extreme, the parking is a bore, and the traffic is enough to erase the joy of a tulip outing. Weekdays, though still busy, are not as crowded.

3) Embrace the experience. Enjoy the variety of tulips, the many many many photo-ops, and the once-a-year gem that is tulips

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