I went camping on Zoa Peak

Yes, I went camping on Zoa Peak. In order for you to fully appreciate the magnitude of this backpack-hike-tent accomplishment, I need you to understand a few things about me:

  1.  Three years ago I was not even halfway through a six week hospitalization due to complications from a ruptured apendix. It’s not too much of an exaggeration to say that I am thankful to be alive.
  2. The first time I tried to hike Zoa Peak, I got woefully lost. Ten kilometers were traversed without reaching the top of a 5km hike.
  3. I have disliked dogs for most of my life.
  4. My first time sleeping in a tent was when I was 24 and I didn’t like it.
  5. I have semi-vivid memories of my dad trying to take us hiking in Puerto Rico and I’m pretty sure I cried my way to the waterfall. (I was six, okay?! You can judge me…but not too much.)
  6. Two years ago I attempted an overnight hike and found myself in the middle of thunderstorm, dropped my camera down a waterfall, and basically lost all interest in exploration that involved sleeping on the ground.

Meet Wookie: my tent-mate, hiking buddy, and only the third dog in my life that I unabashadly admit to appreciating.  

Meet Katie-Sue: my hiking buddy, the inspiration for attempting this trek without our respective men, the human that goes along with Wookie.

Meet the flora and fauna of British Columbia: If anyone can identify all species photographed here, I will send you a Starbucks card. Not even kidding.

Not photographed: the mosquitoes that almost reminded me why I don’t like the great outdoors. 😉

I didn’t get a magical sunset or sunrise like I did three weeks ago with John, but I did get the most epic fog and the most breathtaking rainbow and the most awe-inspiring mountain view. 

Ohmyword, ohmyword, ohmyword. Is this even real life?!

All these were photographed on my adventure camera (compact and light-weight but packs a punch) but I’d be willing to take a pro camera up the mountain if I have any fellow adventurers interested in a mountaintop portrait session? Who wants adventure engagement photos?  

Yes, I gasped when I saw this view for the first time . . . but I don’t think I fully comprehended the enormity of the beauty until I came back to brick-and-mortar reality.

Lessons for next time:

  • Camping with a gourmet chef is imperative to happiness. Homemade blueberry jam and fresh cream puffs filled with Nutella to go along with my rehydrated Pad Thai.
  • Pups are great hiking buddies . . . even when they start barking for no apparent reason in bear country.
  • Saving for and slowly purchasing all the essential gear is an investment, but a worthwhile one.
  • “Too much bug spray” does not exist.
  • A little bit of rain can be refreshing. Especially when there’s a rainbow
  • The first two kilometers of Zoa are the steepest/hardest. Push through. You’ll be so glad you did.

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