I went to Watersprite Lake

Watersprite Lake is a newly blazed trail near Squamish loaded with panoramic views, turquoise water, varied terrain, and a cabin built by the British Columbia Mountaineering Club. The Lower Mainland has so many hikes, every hike is a new hike . . . but this one is so new the trail even looks fresh!

The first three kilometers rise in the forest with a gradual incline, kilometers three through seven walk along a ridge with the most gasp-worth views, the last three-and-a-half grueling kilometers walk a boulder field and a steep forest incline, and the reward is unprecedented.

Turquoise water, patches of snow, and rugged peaks.  Did I mention turquoise water?

Heading back to the parking lot, those “gradual inclines” feel a little less gradual . . . but I guess that’s to be expected nearing 19km of forest trekking.

See that peek of salt water out there? Someday I’m going to camp right here and watch the sunset over the ocean.

Pictured: my hiking buddies.
Not pictured: the 35 other hikers also taking selfies.


I still think the best hikes are less than 15km, but Watersprite Lake is a hike worth the little extra effort.

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