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Mountaintop Anniversary Portraits

I always said I would NOT be a June bride.  Shunning cliches and stereotypes has kinda defined my life so when the timing and logistics of a June wedding fell into place, I was a teeny bit grumpy seven years ago. 😛  Being a June bride has meant that most years I am working on my anniversary (people like to get married the first weekend of June, just like I did!) but I blocked it off this year and very intentionally did NOT book any work on our anniversary weekend.

Because I’m in the wedding industry, too, our anniversary celebrations have been low key — excepting the anniversary we spent in Hawaii — so a camping on a mountaintop was basically a perfect way to be “us” and celebrate seven years of “us”.

John grilled steaks while I set up the tripod and threw a dress on over my shorts and then we watched the sunset, read books, and marveled at the piece of earth we get to call home. Photographs to celebrate the passage of time is very near to my heart, so mountaintop anniversary portraits were exactly the right way for us to celebrate seven whole years of marriage.  (Plus: John doesn’t love photo time so I spent a whopping total of fifteen minutes of him in front of the camera.   Pictures don’t have to be a long process, though we are getting faster each time we do this.)

If you want to know how I take my self portraits, I have blogged in detail: self portraits tips, how I faked a sunset, and my family’s self portrait.  It’s completely possible to take your own photos, but definitely easier if you hire a professional (hint, hint :-P).


If you look very closely, you’ll see I’m sporting my brand new Groove Life sillicon rings and I’m going to be talking more about the ways these rings are awesome soon but for now just go browse their website


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