Vikki’s Clay Art Studio

A certain leap of faith is required when planning a party with eight friends at a brand new, never-tested, never-experienced venue.  When I scheduled an evening of pottery painting at Vikki’s Clay Art Studio, I wasn’t sure what to expect: I made a plan based solely on her building’s mural and the easy access off Fraser Highway between Langley and Aldergrove.  Toting my hot-and-fresh spinach artichoke dip for snacking later, I wandered in to the studio for the first time and fell in love.

Actually, I fell into a trance of indecision and overwhelming possibilities. Rows upon rows of white pottery stood along the shelves, an army of blank canvas waiting for artistic brilliance or feeble attempts thereunto. We wandered from shelf to shelf, room to room. Eight girls milling around trying desperately to make eight decisions at the end of eight individually long weeks.  You can imagine the challenge. 😉

Armed with our chosen pieces of pottery, another set of decisions reared its ugly head:  what color? what pattern? what paint brush? what technique? what design?  

Thankfully, Vikki is amazing.  Not only is she a talented artist, but she helped us all feel like we could be talented artists, too!  She remembered color recommendations, found designs that suit our individual preferences (and personalities, even!), taught technique, free-handed designs, flitted from person-to-person and made everyone feel equally important and immensely talented.

I especially loved the small-town-charm feeling the exuded from the warm lights of the studio.  Friends would pop in just to say hi, customers came and went, customers-became-friends in an evening of painting.

We stayed far too long, delayed Vikki from starting her camping trip on time, giggled a little too loudly, but she didn’t even flinch and kept graciously helping us along the way.

Plus? What is possibly any better than an evening of careful artistry and therapeutic brush strokes on clay.  I never expected a fun activity to be quite so stress-relieving, but it is!

So, if you’re looking for a fun activity for date night, girl’s night, or party night, look no farther than Vikki’s Clay Art Studio.  I’ve been two weeks in a row now and have a couple more dates already planned for more fun, artistry, and therapeutic painting.

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