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airbnb wedding

Overlooking the river below and the mountains above, the Teague House was the perfect Airbnb wedding inspiration.

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In the past year, I have used Airbnb at least five times in my vacation planning: lodging for my sister’s wedding, vacationing in Victoria and Squamish, sneaking into Richmond on a girl’s weekend, hosting a retreat. Each time, I have been delighted by the coziness of the homes and the hospitality of the hosts.  With some careful research and useful discretion, planning an airbnb wedding can be just as fun as planning an airbnb vacation.

Not everyone can afford a backyard to host a wedding and not everyone has a home large enough to host all the out-of-town relatives.  Enter: Airbnb.  The website connecting empty homes with eager vacationers. (And if you use my affiliate link to sign up we’ll both get a discount on our next booking!)  



airbnb wedding in yale, bc airbnb-wedding-3

Hypothesizing that an Airbnb wedding would be lovely brilliance, I scoured Airbnb.ca looking for a “suitable for events” listing with picturesque character in a convenient and beautiful location.

Enter: the Teague House.

A heritage home, it has an inspiring yard and ample space and photo-worthy decor. I would love to be able to live there but hosting a girl’s weekend or preparing for a wedding or even hosting a backyard wedding would be totally doable!  

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Gina was the epitome of elegance in her Kathryn Bass Bridal Ophelia gown.  Isn’t the detail absolutely fabulous?  I can’t even stand it. Those delicate little flowers! And the dress suited so perfectly Gina at the Teague House.  A match made in wedding dress heaven. =)

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Alexis at Simply Perfect Flowers created the floral arrangements with her usual prowess, taking the definition of “beautiful flowers” to a whole new level.  I need a guidebook to thoroughly enjoy these flowers, though. So many unique varieties! airbnb-wedding-18 airbnb-wedding-19  airbnb-wedding-21

I also found these listings that would make fabulous airbnb wedding locations near the Fraser Valley. Wouldn’t they be swell?

Majestic Chateau close to Vancouver

Chilliwack Peony Farm

Harrison Lakehouse



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