Our Langley Staycation


I love living in the most beautiful corner of the earth.  The snow-capped mountains, the rain-drenched fir trees, the severe-clear blue skies, the rain-soaked skies, the salt-covered beaches make for perfect Langley Staycation opportunities.

especially love welcoming my friends and family into this corner of paradise and showcasing all the beauty and glory to be found on the nooks and crannies of the beautiful British Columbia that I have come to know and love.


When my baby sister came to visit with her husband, we hit all possible highlights and crafted what I think may be the best Langley Staycation itinerary I have concocted yet.  (Also known as: see everything from Chilliwack to Squamish in four days or less.)

Day 1:
Sea to Sky Gondola
49th Parallel Coffee Roasters
Granville Island

Day 2:
Teapot Hill
Picnic at Cultus Lake

Day 3:
Fort Langley Historical Site
Lelam Cafe

Day 4:
Skagit Valley Tulip Festival
Tulip Town
Larrabee State Park

Our suggested extensions: White Rock for a dinner of Fish & Chips, a bonfire and BBQ evening with friends, Woods Coffee at Boulevard Park in Bellingham, SpaPure girls night during Canucks game for the boys, dinner at Famosos at Highstreet Abbotsford.

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