The White Rock..and its Library

He gave the man a little information, answered a few questions, signed a piece of paper, picked a pin number, and then [drumroll] handed the card to me.

My library card.

Well, HIS library card.  I can’t get one until after all the paperwork finishes its season in the bureaucratic minefield and declares it acceptable for me to be a resident of Canadaland. But thanks to very understanding fellow book lovers (librarians are the kindest souls!), I have been given permission to use John’s library card during this season and  until such a time as I can get my own.

Not only has the world of literature once again opened up to me, but the world of libraries is at my command.

Including the library from which I can watch the sunset over the Pacific Ocean.

Yes, you read that right. The White Rock Library has a spectacular view of the ocean from its second floor reading room and – when its a clear day – the sun set is perfectly viewed from the comfort of a quiet library.

I’ll be frequenting White Rock even more than just for the beach that’s only TWELVE MILES FROM MY HOUSE.

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