We Three Kids

 “Mooooom, she’s not cleaning her side of the room!” I would yell, in a desperate attempt to get Joanna to actually stop drawing a picture and do the work that had been assigned. Usually, it didn’t work until Mom actually *came* down the hall, looked at the evidence of Hurricane Joanna, and stayed with us until the room was clean. I was the neat freak. She was the artist. Somehow, that has mellowed a bit and now I’m less neat and she’s less messy. But thats not to say I’m more messy and she’s more tidy. Jacob, being the only boy, would play boy games…much louder, more painful, and a little less tame than I would enjoy. And usually his playful efforts were aimed directly at me. Or Joanna. Or anyone else that got in his way.

See, times change. Kids grow up. And siblings become friends.

My sister is one of my very best friends. My brother is a wealth of wisdom. Our friendship isn’t only filled with bickering. It has become fun. And real. And lasting.

And this is us.

(And contrary to what certain people think, these are actual pictures and NOT Sears Portrait Study backdrops. :-P)

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  1. and that’s real snow, not potato flakes. =)

    wow, they look different than I remember… I guess they grew up. When’d that happen?

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