Tackling Fear: A Granville Island Expedition

Step One: Set GPS Navigation destination. Plug GPS into car charger. Memorize directions just in case.

Step Two: Put on seatbelt. Adjust mirrors. Drink water. Turn on classical music.

Step Three: Start driving. Start praying.

Step Four: Navigate traffic. Like a pro, no less.

Step Five: Hit the construction zone. Pray harder. Grip steering wheel tighter.

Step Six: Reach The Bridge. Watch traffic open up ALL AROUND YOU, avoiding bridge claustrophobia. Thank God for smooth sailing and keep driving.

Step Seven:  Find exit. Take exit.

Step Eight: Find turn. Take turn. Repeat as necessary. Avoid making the maniac drivers share foul hand gestures.

Step Nine: Find parking spot. Figure out parking meter.

Step Ten: Celebrate.


I’m a big girl now. I drove ALL THE WAY to downtown Vancouver.  And then, a few days later, I drove all the way to downtown Vancouver BY MYSELF.  See, with the number of conversations that revolve around traffic in Vancouver-proper combined with my continued battle with fear (it doesn’t just apply to weather forecasts), driving downtown is not something I necessarily want to do for fun. But the reality is that being downtown is fun!

In preparation for meeting dear friends downtown while John would be at work, and in need of a break from a tumultuous reality, we took a weekend expedition to Granville Island. We walked in the rain, meandered through the stores, ate steak and salmon (yay gift cards!), talked through life’s ordeals, and spent time just being.

And it was lovely.



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