I went to Mount Lemmon

Tucson is my new default vacation destination.  With both my siblings, their spouses, and their kids all in the same city, Tucson and I are on our way to becoming great friends.  Sun and hikes, family and babies, and wide open spaces.  The last time we were all together was for Christmas last year — and we didn’t even know the two babies were going to be joining us!

mount lemmon

My entire family gathered in Tucson for an Easter weekend extravangaza.  We hiked Butterfly Trail (all 14.6 km of hills), the Marshall Gulch Loop (in its 6.5km ease), and a 3km un-named trail perfect for the 3-year-old niece’s little feet.  We cooked delicious meals, planned the niece’s very first Easter Egg hunt, spent many hours trying to get the 5-month-olds to giggle,  and generally basked in the glory that is family.


Our rental was the perfect Mount Lemmon abode for our weekend.  The non-stop flight from Seattle to Tucson made for an easy travel day.  The lack of cell coverage and spotty Internet meant we (mostly) focused on family instead of phones.

mount lemmon waterfall

mount lemmon weekend

extended family portrait on Mount Lemmon

During our last family gathering in Arizona, we toured the grand canyon, Joanna wasn’t married yet, and Ella was the only babe.

Basically, I can’t wait to go back to Tucson.

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