These days…

I stood in the middle of a barn, meeting a horse worth more than any car I will *ever* own and learning about what it takes to own a horse farm (while wiping sweat from my forehead and swatting flies away), and realized how blessed I am. Yes, blessed. (Despite the sweat and flies).  I get to live it up in the most unique of situations.  Whether its standing waist deep in water at sunset, or watching horses gallop around a field (and try to come stampede me), or gazing in awe at eight shiny cars older than my grandparents, or shooting a wedding in another country, or wiping sweat out of my eyes in the middle of a sunflower field, there’s never a dull moment.  (As the daughter of adventurers, I like un-dull moments. Always.)

The past couple days I’ve been pondering happiness and trying not to be exhausted in the middle of my happy memories.  Well, I’m still exhausted, but at least I can remember to be happy + exhausted.  (Instead of grumpy & exhausted…cuz thats never, ever a good thing.)

So, here’s the deal: life is fun. And taking photos of life is even funner. (And, yes, funner is a word, I say so.)  And I like having adventures with my camera.  And these are just a few adventures of the past couple weeks.

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