Celebration of Light


For a country whose citizens travel across the border to enjoy a real fireworks shows at Fourth of July, Canada sure does host a magnificent Celebration of Light. Well, British Columbia is a sponsor and Vancouver hosts it but its mostly Canadians watching it.  Put a barge of the best pyrotechnicians of the world in the middle of an ocean bay, have them choreograph a light display to music, broadcast the music via FM radio, call in the crowds, and its a recipe for success.



As we watched the sunset, we weren’t the only ones enjoying the evening. Walking toward us on the seawall came a family, exquisitely dressed. Dad wore teal gingham. Mom wore purple polka dots. The son wore purple checks. One daughter wore a white and navy polka dotted sundress. The other daughter wore a solid navy dress, with a bright pink flower. The girls went frolicking in the ocean, splashing in the waves and climbing over the slippery rocks. Mom and Dad cuddled on the park bench, and the son (the oldest of the trio) taunted his sisters from the shore.  At first, his words were mumbled but then we heard it. Loud and clear.

If you’d heard or seenThe Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, you will be able to understand perfectly this young man. He was Edmund. Through and through. With the accent to match.

“Whoever can make it to that rock out there will get…will get…will get a prize!”

His sisters looked at him. Looked at the rock (fifteen feet into the ocean). Remembered their beautiful dresses. Rolled their eyes.

John leaned over to wonder: “Isn’t it ironic that the Brits left their country right now? During the Olympics?”

As much as I struggle with leaving home and family and spending these chunks of time transitioning into a new culture, I have to admit: its a beautiful land to be moving to.

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