At the Park


He saw the gap in the retaining wall long before anyone else would have noticed its existence. It was only an 18inch indentation where the water had eroded away the sand from the playground, but it *needed* to be fixed. He looked around, combing the area for tools. There wasn’t much, but he found what he needed wedged under a corner of the see-saw: a blue plastic shovel. Next to it, a small four-pronged rake. Nothing else could’ve been so perfect.

Grabbing the shovel, he started slinging dirt. One spoonful at a time, he was pushing sand into the gap. But, he found a problem: the job was taking too long. His solution? Find more laborers.

That’s where I came in. I was handed the fork (a little larger than your average fork, but definitely not the most efficient tool) and told to start digging. So I dug. And dug. And dug.

By the time the hole was filled, both of us were full of sand and low on fuel. It was lunchtime and we’d accomplished a good day’s work.

The gap has been filled.
Until next time.


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