Hiking Elk Mountain

Today is a gray day.  Perfect for sitting on the couch, sipping tea, writing;  all the better for remembering the fun of hiking Elk Mountain earlier this summer.

After the sweat-dripping, muscle-burning, lung-bursting climb up the never-ending-hill, we sat at the peak and gazed in awe across the Fraser Valley, down to Cultus Lake, out toward the ocean, south into Washington.  Frolicking in the alpine meadow, laughing at the tourists waving their respective flags, chatting with hard-core hikers heading on to Mount Thurston, we were almost ready to head back down the hill.


Remember the fun I had with Vince & Carrie, the strangers I met on the top of Lookout Mountain in Georgia?  When I saw Kathy & Karim attempting a selfie at the top of Elk Mountain, the fun had only just begun. 😉  They were out celebrating Kathy’s birthday with a hike, but walked away with their very first (together) photo shoot as icing on the proverbial (or maybe literal? :-P) cake.

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