I’m Ducky

Dear World,

My name is Ducky.  At least, thats what they tell me.  Jennifer & John tried to change my name after adopting me, but the other chosen options just wouldnt suit. So here I am.  Still Ducky.  (Jennifer says she needs to get a duck and name it Kitty, just to make it balance out.  Not a bad idea. I would have fun playing with a duck!)

In the short time that I have been around Jennifer  & John, Ive learned all sorts of great things: how to jump in the air and make them laugh, how to do a “high five”, how to “conquer” the yarnball (and John, when necessary), and how to drink out of the toilet bowl.

I always run to greet my people when they finally return from whatever humans do out there — I tried to see for myself that  outside world (a couple times, even!) but they didn’t like that so much. Im not sure why.  I mean, if they like it so much, wont I?

Jennifer says she promises not to take too many photos of me, but I  say all this cuteness shouldn’t be wasted! What do you think?

Love and meows,


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  1. Adorable! I love cats. I have 2 babies myself (rescues from Korea!) Ducky is such a cutie! Hope to see more photos 😉

  2. Dear Ducky, I hear you are great and I can’t wait to meet you. Maybe have a few snuggles. I know, maybe you won’t like that when we first meet. But I think after awhile we’ll be buddies and it will be ok. It’s good your mom keeps you inside, I know you may not want to hear that, but human land can be VERY big and scary for little kittens. Inside you are warm and safe and cozy. Talk to you soon, Ducky.

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