Engaged: Travis and Jackie

“Our cuteness knows no bounds,” she said.  He laughed as he turned to see his bride-to-be; after a year of long distance relationship, a few feet is hardly even  distance, but it’s still too far. They know that they know that they know that distance is merely circumstantial and that a few miles (or a few hundred miles) will not limit their friendship-turned-relationship-turned-engagement.

Wandering through the park,  high on sugar and the excitement of engagement and the anticipation of her evening’s (not so) surprise wedding shower and the thrill of an entire week’s vacation  with her dearest friends,  Jackie relished each moment with her man on an Autumn evening. So what if a camera pointed at them? So what  if a few mosquitoes showed up?  Jackie & Travis didn’t care.  Not at all.  T  They laughed,  joked, teased, and laughed some more.  (And you should’ve heard their witty banter. It’s a powerful thing.)

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