Derby Reach Engagement

My favourite part of Mark & Jennifer’s Derby Reach Engagement session was Marlowe.

Marlowe is the smart, cute, energetic, precious puppy-girl Bernese Mountain Dog who stole the show and made me reconsider my position on dogs versus cats (did I just say that?!). Plus, Marlowe has her own Instagram feed so that just makes her even cooler in my opinion.  Her stinkin’ adorable humans decided to incorporate her into their Derby Reach engagement photos and I am so glad they did.

Mark and Jennifer and I (also known as the other Jennifer) met at the Derby Reach heritage park for some sunny-Sunday meandering, some let’s-try-Marlowe’s-new-trick-ing, and some river-bank-sunset-cuddling.

Mark and Jennifer are just so comfortable with each other.  Taking a walk through the park, cozying into a tree, playing with their pup.  Life is good when they are together, and I am so privileged to witness their love.

derby reach engagement photo

He makes her laugh so good! I love watching Mark cherish Jennifer, even when it’s cuddled into a tree branch in front of a camera. 

bernese mountain dog engagement photo

Did I mention that Marlowe stole the show? Jennifer found a similar photo on Pinterest and they’ve been training Marlowe to add her hand to the pile, showing off  their family and the sparkle of Jennifer’s engagement ring.  AND SHE DID IT!!  Multiple times, even! =D (My cat does a “high five” on command, but that’s it.  I need a dog.)

derby reach engagement photo derby reach engagement photo

After Mark and Jennifer’s Derby Reach engagement session, I am doubly excited for their wedding this summer at Rowena’s Inn on the River. Can’t wait, you two!

P.S. As I write this with a cat sprawled across my arms and halfway onto the keyboard: should I get a dog instead?

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