Engaged: Micah and Kathryn

We stood on the solid ground, looking up at the flight of rickety stairs waiting to be climbed. She halfway rolled her eyes, trying to convince him she didn’t really want to climb up there in her heels.

Oh, she convinced him alright. He knew full well that she was stepping out of her comfort zone. That she didn’t want to climb to the rooftop. That her feet were much much happier on the solid concrete. But he wrapped an arm around her shoulder and grinned down at her: “C’mon. It’ll be fun!”

Kathryn giggled. Maybe a little nervously. The stairs still weren’t her favorite. But she was next to her favorite man. And that was all that mattered. Truly. He was by her side. He was taking care of her. And they were going to have an adventure.

So she walked up the stairs.

And rickety they were.

Maybe a little dangerous.

And most definitely not a normal Saturday afternoon activity.

But ohhh. It was fun. And the view from up top? So worth it.

And that is Kathryn and Micah.  Enjoying the little experiences along the way, making big memories out of small moments. Laughing their way through life.

Micah doesn’t have to think long about how to describe why he loves Kathryn. Its easy.
Kathryn? Well, there’s no one like Micah. No one.

And they’re getting married.



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