Alivia: Three Weeks Old

A few months ago, I very trepidatiously entered into my first series of newborn shoots.
I can photograph weddings — its all about the bride.
I can photograph couples in love — they’re in looove. Duh.
I can photograph Seniors — they’re ridiculously fun.
I can photograph children — all it takes is a few funny faces and goofy jokes.

But babies?

Babies scared me.

I even said — not too terribly long ago — that I wouldn’t take infant portraits until I became a mom myself and knew how to interact with a baby.

But lemme tell you.

Babies are fun.

Especially Alivia and her ridiculously adorable bows and incredibly dramatic expressions.

Check out this attitude:  Eep!


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  1. Wow Jen!!!!!!!! You did an awesome job! Our first grandchild and you created and caught some very tender moments. Never would have thought this was your first too!!!

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