I will always remember my senior portrait. But not in a good way. I walked into Wal-Mart’s portrait studio (yes, I did say Wal-Mart. don’t judge.) to sit on a very uncomfortable wooden box with black velvet covering it (was the velvet supposed to make me feel special? or to make the seat more comfortable? it fulfilled neither purpose) and grimace at a bright light while a very grumpy old lady [insert your own stereotypes here] barked orders at me:

“Sit straight!”
“Tilt your chin!”
“Turn your head!”
“Other way!”
“Shoulders back!”

Looking back, I’ll admit that I’m glad I got those pictures taken. I have firm evidence to prove how awkward but happy I was to be finishing high school.

But that mean old lady and her very stiff poses have forever changed how I think about Senior Pictures. And she gets full credit for making me want to make sure that Senior Pictures are fun, unique, personalized, and memorable. So apparently those moments of my life are not wasted. 😛

A Senior Picture Shoot in 2011 means hanging out, laughing, personalizing, creating, and — oh yes — did I mention laughing? You pick the location. You bring the outfits. We hang out. I make you laugh. You make me laugh.

Voila! Unboring Senior Pictures.

Email me or call (336-793-6622) for more information.

(Oh, and P.S.: we really do get some of the “normal” (NOT boring…just normal…) pictures, too. Makes Mom happy. :-P)

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  1. Just discovered your work this morning and I haven’t stopped looking at your blog! 🙂 Love it, great stuff! The girl with the paint all over her? AWESOME!

  2. They’re all pretty fabulous, but that one of legs and shadow is epicly fabulous. 🙂

    Looking forward to seeing you in a couple weeks!! 🙂

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