the little moments…

I hate cliches. But there’s one I actually like. (And only one).

Life isn’t about the breaths you take, but about the moments that take your breath away.

Like when I was standing on the dock at Port Moody, British Columbia. Waiting for the bride to show up at her hair appointment. Trying to get a photo of myself and the scenery, and getting frustrated when DSLR basics didn’t come naturally for my novice photographer. Watching the snowcapped mountains. Listening to the old ladies chatter before heading out on their boating excursion.  And, simply, living. There I was, in awe of those majestic beauties. And it took my breath away. (And -no – not just because of the extreme cold at 8am. In BC. Although that contributed to it, too.)

If life is made up of the little moments, then I don’t want to be willing the seconds away.

I’m about to walk into what could be one of the most challenging adventures I’ve ever encountered. But it very well might be the most rewarding. And I want to live it. TRULY live it. Not just count the seconds until another minute passes, so I can count the minutes until another hour passes, so I can count the hours until another day passes. Thats not living. Thats breathing.

With the next few weeks in mind, I look back on my week in Vancouver and I’m so thankful for the reminders. The moments. The little things that remind me what it means to live.

Like happy people who love being together (even if they’re Canadian, they’re still cute)….

…and spectacular views from unexpected detours. (Hey, getting lost isn’t all bad when it means you get to see this).

Like happy snow-covered trees down a snow-covered road…

…and views of mountains and ocean and snow and fog that make the day just that much better.

Like abrupt detours off the main road, down snow-covered side roads, and donuts in the parking lot…so I could see THE Olympic Park in Whistler…

…and beautiful, Narnia-like fur trees that merely needed a lamppost to make it absolutely surreal.

Like driving into Whistler and realizing that the sun was coming out for the first time ALL day and that everyone walking around the resort town was already wearing ski boots…

…And putting on snowshoes for the first time and adventuring to the Lost Lake, trekking through snowdrifts and along ice paths…

…and actually finding the Lost Lake and feeling very very small in a very very big forest.

Like smiling at the camera…cuz its more fun that way…and because in Beautiful British Columbia, why wouldn’t you want to smile?

And acting goofy in snowshoes, because a) signs say obvious things and b) the snow really was THAT deep, and c) life is more fun if you laugh at it.

Like the moments looking at this view while waiting for the locksmith to come unlock the car since the keys are still in the ignition…

…and then being able to talk the one-who-locked-the-keys-in-the-truck into detouring to this store and gratifying your obsession with Michael Buble…

(And if this store doesn’t look familiar to you, then you need to watch this. Then you’ll understand.)

So now I have to remember to keep living the little moments. In every day life….Not just while on vacation.


That’s what living really is.
Not just breathing. Living.

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  1. Wow…beautiful pictures. I thought that store looked fimilar. I always think of three young people when I hear that song.

  2. I don’t know how much traffic you get to your blog (I’m guessing alot), but it’s seriously UNDERrated. You’re always having adventures (even when you’re NOT having one:-P)
    You’re good enough to start a ‘Jennifer’ article in a magazine or publish a calendar or a coffee-table-book [with words included] or something. I dunno! But I don’t think enough people see your stuff!! Cuz everyone would like it!

  3. You NEED (yes, need) to come visit us and bring your camera to photograph the MI Capitol. The building is breathtaking-you’d be like a kid in a candy store, and we have connections to see some less than public areas.

  4. I heard that there are a lot of great little moments to be lived in Arkansas. We may not have that beautiful scenery, but there are a few pretty awesome people 🙂

    Great post, Jenni, great post.

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