Winter Milner Chapel Wedding

When your Milner Chapel wedding day dawns in glory and splendor as magnificent as this, you know its going to be a majestic day.  Even though it means you’re up early enough to see the dawn rising about the Canadian mountains. 😛  And, yes, thats how Jason and Meghan’s wedding day began. With a sunrise. Against all odds, and despite all the weather forecasts of rain and gloom, the sun actually rose and the rain stayed away. (We even had one very beautiful umbrella that had been hand-delivered from Holland all ready to take care of the bride should it start raining. I almost wanted it to rain just so we could use the umbrella. But not really. Just kind of. Lack of rain is decidedly a good thing.)

2016-11-12_0015 milner-chapel-wedding-1

Meghan’s day started at Mint Hair Lounge in Port Moody, British Columbia where the gals there styled her hair to perfection. And emptied what seemed like an entire bottle of hair spray onto her curls. (And in case you’re wondering, that’s what the art above is all about: hair spray in the air getting ready to settle on her curls.)  Meghan wasn’t nervous. At least, not on the outside. Not that she was admitting. It was Go-Time. Wedding day. The day she gets to finally marry her Jason.  All the work had been done. All the details attended to. And now to just enjoy the day.milner-chapel-wedding-7

A couple hours later, make up artist Cheryl Cielanga showed up at Jason’s parents house and took over one corner of the kitchen. The rest of the house was filled with friends and relatives — the crew from Holland had arrived the night before and by 1pm were onto the second round of bacon and eggs.  I admired Cheryl, though; she worked with precision and poise despite all the chaos all around her. Now that’s talent!

Jason was waiting not-too-patiently for his bride and for the start of his Milner Chapel wedding.  Actually, he was very patient. Really, he was. I can’t imagine a more patient groom. But – man o man — he was SO ready for Meghan to be by his side. A part of his life. His bride. His wife. As he waited to see her, he stood there afraid to move. Almost afraid to breathe. She walked up behind him. Spoke to him. Laughed with him. Paused to adjust her dress. Waiting.  Reveling in the moment. Breathing in. Breathing out. There he was. Her groom. Her man. And soon…her husband.  He turned. He saw her. He smiled at her. He held her.

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Meghan is one of those brides who has a natural flare for fashion, style, and detail. As she got ready, she just kept on getting more and more and more beautiful. Finally, I was convinced it would be impossible for her to become any more beautiful than she already was…and then she pulled out her fur shrug, an heirloom from her grandmother. And I totally gasped. Out loud. It was just that beautiful. Yes, she was suddenly even more beautiful than before.

milner-chapel-wedding-6 milner-chapel-wedding-9 milner-chapel-wedding-10 2016-11-12_0014milner-chapel-wedding-4milner-chapel-wedding-2milner-chapel-wedding-5milner-chapel-wedding-11

And then it was time. In solemn reverence, in front of their family and closest friends, fully aware of the sacredness of the moment as they committed their lives wholly to one another,  Jason and Meghan said their vows. Spoke their adoration. Exchanged rings. Shared communion. Prayed with their family. Signed the marriage license. And then . . . finally. . . kissed for the very first time. It was done. Man and wife. There they were. Married.

Jason and Meghan. Are. Married.

And its a beautiful thing.


Jason & Meghan’s Milner Chapel Wedding was made so beautiful by vendors and friends who celebrated their love and made the day love-ly.

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