Arizona Desert Wedding

Imagine:  a Sunday evening in the desert, the sun glowing magnificent over the not-so-distant mountain ranges.  The cool breeze, the twinkling sun set, the background birds.
Surrounded by their families and friends, on a knoll in the otherwise flat terrain, overlooking the town of Wellton, AZ and the local golf course, Gregory and Grace stood in the middle of the dance floor nestled in each others’ arms.  Their wedding day had finally, beautifully, gloriously arrived and their first dance marked a rite-of-passing in the beginning of this new phase in their lives.
The palm trees watched with swaying smiles.  The bridal party wiped away happy tears.  The parents sighed in delight.  The happy couple basked in the beauty of their day, their togetherness, their happily-ever-after.
As the sun set with a brilliant, vivid blessing over their wedding day, Gregory and Grace partied the night away at the Wellton Community Center on the exact nine-month-a-versary of their very first date (how’s that for beautiful poetry?!).  With delicious Mexican food (my heart was happy!) and a rousing dance floor filled with happy toddlers and obviously-in-love guests, their marriage began just as it should:  with love and family and celebration, alongside a desert sunset and moonlit evening.

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  1. In case anyone doubted that my family is full of goofballs, these pictures prove it.

    And, WOW! I didn’t notice at the time what a perfect backdrop the mountains made for the bridal party at the reception.

  2. Are the other pics also available and are we able to purchase from you or do we need to go through Greg and Grace? These are lovely. Natalie

    1. the full selection of photos takes quite a bit more time than this preview, of course, and Grace & Gregory will have the full selection to share as they see fit. =)

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