Rockwater Secret Cove Resort Wedding

The countdown to this Rockwater Secret Cove Resort wedding was long and painfully slow — I was so excited about everything this day would be and yet had to wait almost a full year to finally experience the immense joy of watching the joy unfold.

And what a joy it was! Every moment felt more precious than the last and even the scenery danced for joy. (I mean, C’MON NOW! This view!)

But what these photos don’t show? THE HEAT! That sun sure was beautiful as it was setting, but it was a scorcher of a day!

Can you imagine a more beautiful wedding view?! A Rockwater Secret Cove resort wedding is all about that view, and it sure does like to play along. WHEW!

I know I say this about all my couples, but getting to know these two was such an immense joy. Their love for one another, their dedication to their family, their ability to anticipate needs and care for everyone around them? Wildly inspiring. Thanks for being awesome, you two!

(Side note for future Rockwater Secret Cove Wedding brides who may stumble across this page: the bridal suite didn’t have air conditioning and the portable a/c unit kept tricking the breaker, so it may be worth asking about that as you plan your day!)

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