Staunton Virginia Wedding

Her day started on time.  Early, even. Everything was in place, everything was ready.  Nothing stood between her and an exceptional wedding day.  Nothing.  Not even a little rainy drizzle could dampen the electric excitement building in the Parlor of Bethany Presbyterian Church in Staunton, VA.  Besides, all that happy sent the rain clouds scampering away. No more rain to even threaten the mood.

Melanie spent the day in a state of ideal emotion: happy and excited with only a teeny tiny twinge of nervous.  Besides, with a dapper groom waiting at the end of the aisle (grinning ear-to-ear, by the way), she had absolutely nothing to be nervous about.

It was as though he read her mind,  seeing the twinge of nervous hiding behind the happy.  When it was Melanie’s turn to share her vows, Brian held her hands with all the strength and support that defines his place in her life. The nerves were gone, her groom was by her side. And nothing else mattered.

And then it was official.

After weeks and weeks of countdown, months and months and months of planning, and years and years of dreaming, they stood side-by-side finally – finally – husband and wife.

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