Groome Inn Bridal

He probably didn’t understand the great honor it was to be the only man allowed to see her in her wedding dress before her wedding day. In fact, other than a few minutes of enthusiastic greeting (a greeting which jeopardized the intricacies of the lacework), he pretty much ignored her spectacular dress. He was more impressed by her kindness than her beauty, especially when she spent several minutes scratching his chin.

Yes, scratching his chin.

Her groom didn’t see Liddy’s white gown until Saturday , when she walked down the aisle and around the corner of the pews to meet him on the day they became husband and wife, but the friendly puppy at The Groome Inn had Liddy’s attention when he ran around the corner (and then slid across the hardwood floors) to greet his newest friend-to-be and almost leaped to her lace-filled-lap. (Probably not the best combination, you see.)

As Liddy and two of her favorite friends (Mom and Maid of Honor) laughed and posed and enjoyed their autumn day together, their little friend paid special attention to their every move. As they meandered around the manicured lawn, his nose pressed against the window pane, his tail waggling with glee. He didn’t understand their laughter when walking across a damp lawn, trying to keep shoes and dress intact. He didn’t comprehend the immense joy of a day filled with bridal portraits and another milestone complete in the countdown to wedding. He definitely didn’t appreciate that he wasn’t invited to join the fun when she stood in the doorway, ready to walk outside.

The puppy wasn’t very appreciative of her spectacular beauty, but Liddy’s groom sure was when wedding day finally arrived.

And finally arrive, it did. The wedding happened. It very much happened. It was grand. It was wonderful. Everyone cried. But that’s another story for another time.




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  1. Jennifer, you were such a special part of our whole wedding experience — from evening gowns in the pool to engagement portraits to our wonderful weekend. Thank you so much.
    I just can’t wait for the wedding pictures!!

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