Westover Church & UNCG Alumni House Wedding

Meet Ruth. Ruth is radiant because David loves her. And, too, she’s a bride with a lot of style.

Then there’s David. He has a lot of class. Including a bow tie. (Which, by the way, Ruth loves.)

David and Ruth, they got married. Because they love each other. Forever and always. From here to eternity. And back again.

It was time. David stood at the front of the church, waiting. He’d filed into the Chapel flanked by the pastor and his best man, greeting a friend in the crowd with a goofy grin, he watched his best friends escort in Ruth’s girls one by one. Down the stairs, around the rows of chairs, and up the center aisle. The wedding party assembled, he had only to wait. For his bride, his Love, his wife.

But, hey, he’d been waiting for this day for many many years. A few more minutes would be easy.

There he stood. Waiting. Craning his neck to see his bride. Wiping the tears from his eyes…and then wiping them away again when he finally saw her…and then wiping them away some more.

Ruth had been preparing for this day for 28 years. Her facebook status proclaimed that to the world the day before. And there it was. Her wedding day. The day she married her David.

He walked over to the microphone and picked up his guitar.

“I have CD’s for sale at the table in the back,” he joked. “I’ve always wanted to say that. And now I have.”

And then he started playing. The guitar and he. On his wedding day. In front of God and all those witnesses. But he only saw Ruth. And Ruth only saw him. And somehow, he didn’t cry while singing…even though most of the room did.

As our roots grow they are intertwined
The flower blooms from your branch that is also mine
This love for you, it beats my heart
It will never fade and surely pass the test of time.

He sang it to her. Only to her. And she was radiant. Truly radiant. Cuz thats what David does to her.

Later on, at the UNCG Alumni House , he pulled his wife close, a big hug for his bride – his wife. Their song played and everyone watched as husband and wife began their first dance. Husband and wife. Ruth smiled, the words obviously rolling over in her mind. Her husband holding her. She holding her husband. Husband and wife. Husband and wife. It became a chant, a chorus, a song to dance to.

He kissed her on the forehead, she smiled at him. They laughed together, an inside joke, and then another hug. The song ended and the moment was over…but had only just begun. They have years and years and years to dance together. Because they are husband and wife. Then the tune changed, the mood changed, the moves changed. Their breakout dance. Laughing the whole time. A little sass. A lot of fun. But still…plenty of love.

And, really, that sums up the entire wedding day. A little sass. A lotta fun. A bucket full of love. And lots and lots and lots of laughter.

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  1. Ruth- you looked unbelievably stunning! Love your hair net thing(there must be a fancier term for that!) And your bridesmaids’ shoes! And your dress!

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