Wedding: Emily and Ryan

So there I was, in New Mexico. It wasn’t quite what I expected it to be (I’m not really sure what I expected), but it sure was beautiful! And by beautiful, I do mean beautiful. But I wasn’t there for the scenery. I was there for the wedding of Emily and Ryan. And, um, they were beautiful too. (Emily was anyway; no offense, Ryan, but she has you beat – by a lot!)

Emily and Ryan decided to do their first look not at the altar, but at the scenic overlook where – grab your kleenex, girls – he proposed. Yup, that’s touching nostalgia for you! He proposed at this very spot. He asked her to be his bride here, and now here she is. His bride.

But first, Emily’s dad walked her down the path to her anxious groom. He just wanted to see her. But we kept delaying that moment. First her car was late. Then she had to walk. Then we had to wait for her to be ready to tell him to turn around and see her.

But based on the expression on his face, it was well worth the wait. And, um, I’m not telling any secrets here, but I might have noticed a few tears coming from Ryan.

Then it was on to pictures, pictures, and more pictures. New Mexico likes Jennifer’s camera. Or maybe Jennifer’s camera just likes New Mexico.

The wedding party needs a huge shout out here. Especially the girls. For, you see, while the boys were whining about having to shine their rental shoes after walking through the dust, the girls were teetering on 4 and 5 inch heels, traipsing over rocks and through gravel, and standing on the edge of a precipice. And, seriously: I heard more complaining from the boys than I did the girls.

But despite their complaints, the guys looked quite dashing, no? (But don’t let it go to your heads, guys!)

Ryan looks happy to be at the altar, no? And Emily? Sigh. So serenely beautiful!

But, see, more than beautiful scenery and beautiful weather and beautiful people, Emily and Ryan had a wedding day celebrating friendship in a beautiful way.

Emily is one of the most giving, selfless people I know. She spent her college days pouring into her friends. (This I know from personal experience.) And her friends rallied around her on her big day.

This much became even more obvious after watching the massive number of people who poured themselves into Emily and Ryan’s day. Everything from baking cakes to hosting guests from out of town to decorating the church to serving at the reception. Everything. The friends and church rallied around Emily and went over and above all that could’ve been expected. They were amazing. Truly.

And, um, I wouldn’t be Jennifer if I didn’t take pictures of the shoes. =)

And there they are. Husband and wife. There they go, starting new adventures.

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  1. I only just saw this, post, Jennifer. You are too, too sweet! And yes, my bridesmaids are the kickin’-est most loving, wonderful girls ever of all time, and I don’t deserve them, or your sweet comments and bee-yootiful photos! You gave me the best pictures to remember my special day and I’m forever grateful. Just a little story to tell you how important they’ve already been for us–Ryan and I were only married two weeks before he started Police Academy (and it isn’t over until mid-September), and he only gets one five-minute phone call to me per week, and no internet. I’ve been sending him letters every day, and last week, I started sending him pictures from the wedding, and he wrote and told me that they made his week. <3

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