Cloud Day Bridal

She threw her hands in the air, felt the tulle from her veil fly out behind  her, and squealed: “I’m getting maaarrriiieeedd!!!”

A few minutes before, water had been pouring from the sky, thunder viciously snapping at the earth, and lightning knocked down trees in the area. But as the clouds cleared and the sun came out in time for a glorious sunset, we carefully navigated Amanda and her very clean dress through fields and woods full of water and mud.  You try keeping a white dress white in a field of red mud. It ain’t easy…lemme tell you.

But as the sun broke loose and smiled  on us, I stood back and smiled at her.

There she was.

The bride.

So lovingly cared for by her mom, sisters, friends.




No rain storm was going to dampen this fun.



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