Todd and Marcela: Waiting for Jacob

The rain, the threatening thunderstorms, and the humidity tried to put a damper on our day – literally and figuratively – but it couldn’t. Oh…no….never.  Not when its time to celebrate such a beautiful, pivotal, exciting season. And especially not when Todd and Marcela are counting down the days until they can meet their Jacob.

I loved seeing how Todd took care of her. Not just in the “big” things — like keeping her dry during sudden downpour — but also in the “small” things. Like reaching for her hand as we walked the few steps from one location or the next, or making sure to tell her how beautiful she is over and over again, or watching her gently, lovingly when he stepped out of the photo.

When I take photographs, I’m not just interacting with clients — I’m making friends. Especially when I spend hours and hours after a shoot evaluating each photo, remembering each giggle, enjoying all the love and joy I see; I relive each moment along the way.

So when I find out that my couples are expecting a baby, I’m rejoicing. Ecstatically. And for Todd and Marcela . . . o definitely!  You see, it doesn’t seem like all that long ago (when, really, it was two years ago) that we were spending time at this exact same park to take photos of them as a couple. At least, that’s what Marcela thought we were doing.  What she didn’t know was that Todd had a little box burning a hole in his pocket and when the time was right – and when he’d given me the signal – he pulled out the ring, dropped to one knee, and pledged his devotion to the girl he loved…the girl who is now his wife and … as of this morning….the mother of his son.

And, yes, I kind of jumped up and down when I checked my phone at 530 this morning (well, if jumping excitedly is possible at 530am). . . and received the text that Jacob had safely arrived.

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