Caeden is One Year Old

Caeden looked over his mom’s shoulder, his eyes lighting up.  Although already an gentle, easy-going, loving-life baby full of smiles and giggles, his grin grew even larger as he saw what was walking toward him.   I couldn’t quite understand it, and Valerie saw my puzzled look and turned to see what was walking up behind her.

“Oh, Caeden loves dogs!” she said as he squealed with delight.

The dog came closer, pulling its owner toward our little group and leaping up to lick Caeden’s foot. The man looked apologetic, stumbled over a few words trying to express his regret at the interruption, but Brian waved it off.

“Oh, no worries. Caeden would love to meet your dog, its not a bother. None at all.”

Caeden smiled even bigger — infectious, delightful, overwhelming — and leaned down to wave at the dog.  We found out its name (I forget it now, I’ll admit), chatted for a quick couple of seconds, and then parted ways.

But Caeden was smiling still.

Amazing how much such a brief, chance encounter brought such joy to one little boy’s day.  And how one little boy’s giggle brings  indescribable joy to everyone who hears it.

That’s how it is, though, isn’t it?

One casual smile, a quick act of kindness, and a dreary day turns irrevocably sunny.

Ever smiling.

(He wanted the camera. Can you tell?)

(And that one is, of course, my favorite: the kid knows a good toy when he sees it. 😛 The Nikon SB-900 with Pocketwizard)

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  1. Aw. He’s so adorable! I love his smile, and in some of the pictures, you can just _see_ the mischief! The parents-kissing-baby pic is a favorite. 😉

  2. Man Jennifer, these pictures are so awesome! We received the CDs in the mail yesterday, and will be looking at them today! You have done a great job!

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