Savannah and Chad


 All over the city they would go.
Rambling, meandering, strolling.

Just walking.


For them, it was no falling into love; there was no flash of lightning or strike of cupid’s arrow.  No pivotal moment of dramatic proportion. Instead, they walked from college to downtown, from downtown to old town, from old town to the greenway. At first, it was a short walk and then a long, awkward pause. A good conversation interrupted by that awkward, empty silence and then filled again with new conversation.   Then it grew. Longer conversations, longer walks.

Step by step – literally – their relationship grew.  From acquaintance to friend to love to married.  Their walks around town continued to a walk down the aisle to husband and wife.

Its a beautiful thing, this love they walked into. Being around them, the steadfastness of their devotion to each other is tangible. The tenderness they show toward each other is refreshing. And the adoration is…well…overwhelming.

Husband and wife.
Walking through life.
Enjoying the journey.

Celebrating eight and a half months of marriage. With many more walks to come.

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