Reasons to Plan Pre-Wedding Portraits

I’ve long been a fan of adventure honeymoon portraits — a way to embrace an epic location for ridonculously fabulous portraits without taking time away from wedding day guests — and when Lexi and Tanner decided to plan pre-wedding portraits, I fast became a fan of this option too!

Imagine this: showing up on your wedding day with one purpose and ONE PURPOSE ONLY. What is it? To get married surrounded by your dearest family and friends. Not to take pictures, not to pose with your bridal party, not to get it for the ‘gram but JUST to get married while enjoying your guests.

That’s exactly why Lexi and Tanner made their decision and watching Lexi’s stress-free joy and completely relaxed celebration? I’m completely convinced it’s the way to go.

If you’re considering this route, here’s three reasons to plan pre-wedding portraits:

  1. Less Wedding Day Stress.  It’s inevitably a huge day: getting married is a milestone in itself, but also having family and friends travel in for the celebration? That’s a lot of eyes, a lot of logistics, and a lot of potential stress. By taking the romantic, iconic, artistic portraits before the wedding day, you’re eliminating one big piece of wedding day stress. (PLUS: Weather is less a concern! Lexi’s wedding day was a bit cloudy which made for less heat and more ceremony comfort…and since we’d already photographed sunset, we didn’t care that golden hour wasn’t as glorious!)
  2. More time with guests. Plain and simple: if you aren’t off taking photos between the ceremony and the reception, you’re able to focus on visiting with your guests and making sure they know how valued their presence is.
  3. More creative control.  Lexi wanted photos at this particular farm but to drive here on the wedding day would have added a LOT of time away from her guests. Plus, we had time to really embrace creative locations and fun camera play (one of my favorite twirling photos, for example, was a huge risk and involved a slow shutter speed and multiple takes..but since we had time to play, I was able to take that risk).

While there are sacrifices to go along with the benefits, Lexi can attest to the fact that the benefits far outweigh the perceived disadvantages.  Yes, she had to do her hair and makeup twice. Yeah, their first look was a week before the wedding. Yes, we had to be extra cautious with the wedding dress since it hadn’t walked down the aisle yet. But I think you’ll agree: WORTH IT.




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