A Magical Farm Wedding

Confession: I overuse the word “magical.” I use it for beautiful days, for emotion-full moments, for glorious sunsets, for mountaintop scenery. But when I say “magical farm wedding,” there is NO DENYING it’s the proper use of the word.  From the moment I first read Lexi’s email describing their vision for a family-filled farm wedding to the moment I met Lexi and Tanner one week before their wedding (do not pass go, do not collect $200: go look at those photos!) to the truly spectacular grand finale of their wedding day, the proper descriptor was absolutely magical farm wedding. So here we are.

Here’s the deal, though, you have to know that every single detail of Lexi’s wedding day was carefully crafted to make sure it was the most enjoyable, the most personal, the most personalized wedding day imaginable.  Her jewelry was borrowed from relatives, her boots were for functionality (I was a little jealous), her dress was as comfortable as it was beautiful, her ceremony and reception took place at special family locations, and she prioritized photos of and with her guests.

Lexi and Tanner: words will never fully describe how much I value you two and your heart for people and your love for one another. Being part of your wedding day was truly a joy and fundamentally splendid. Thanks for being awesome.

Pssst. SLOW THE SCROLL and take a peek at Lexi’s classy bridal style. Those sleeves are of my dreams and definitely what I would put on my wedding dress if I were re-designing my gown.

When I arrived to Lexi’s family home an hour before we were heading out to start portraits, she was the very epitome of a relaxed bride. I don’t think she ever hit a wall of jitters, but instead laughed with her family and relaxed into the day as she waited to go meet her groom.


Not to spoil the surprise, but the other reason this was a magical farm wedding is that Lexi walked down the aisle with her dog.

Nestled in the forest overlooking a pond, Lexi and Tanner laughed their way through their wedding day…though I think there may have been a sprinkle of happy tears from one or more of the parents. 😛

You guuuuys. Between the bowtie-on-a-dog, the neutral-and-succulent bouquets, and this pocket of light: the day was off to a grand start.

Though we had already photographed a full portrait session a week prior (Lexi and Tanner chose to use their engagement portrait session as a bridal session! AND IT WAS BRILLIANT), a few wedding day portraits on the family farm was absolutely a necessity.

Have you ever seen such a classy looking tractor?! 😉

Oh.My.Goodness. Such a sweltering pair!

True love is holding the dress out of the ladder rungs on a grain mill.


Even if you aren’t yet convinced of the magic found in this farm wedding, THIS IS GOING TO CONVINCE YOU. After dinner, Tanner and Lexi invited their guests to launch Chinese lanterns and THIS is the reason that “magical” so perfectly suits this wedding. The sunset, the glow, the lanterns, the laughter, the romance all coalesced to create the highlight (get it? high light. lights up high. :-P) of the day.

Now, before you leave: go check out the pre-wedding portraits that slay all over pre-wedding portraits.

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