Mountaintop Microwedding

I’ve decided that there is nothing better than a wedding invitation that gives only GPS coordinates as the location of the mountaintop microwedding.

As it has been with most weddings this year, Stephanie and Liam’s mountaintop microwedding was not their original plan. It wasn’t even Plan B. (And maybe this is actually Plan D? I lost count. :-P)  Shuttling guests to the top of Bear Mountain (the site of their first date) by 4wd vehicles (off-roading is one of their favourite activities) while mountainbikers  watched might not have been their first choice, but I cannot imagine a better Plan D. =)

And if THAT wasn’t enough joy and personalization for a glorious wedding day, Stephanie MADE HER OWN DRESS and it was not only beautiful but absolutely PERFECTLY TWIRLABLE.

Oh! Oh! Oh! As icing on the cake of Stephanie & Liam’s mountaintop microwedding, their custom rings by Angela Roberts Design threatened to steal the show.  Not only did the design blow my mind (mountains! trees!) but the jewels and metal were upcycled (is that the right word?) from family heirlooms.

Andrea Roberts Jewelry Design

Add in a beautifully giddy bride, an enamored groom, and guests willing to stand in the fog while rain threatened? The day was perfection.


(Note, please, how Stephanie is watching the downpour an hour before her outdoor mountaintop wedding and doesn’t show even a tiny sign of worry.)

Guests arrived to the base of this forest service road and then loaded into four wheel drive trucks for the 5km trek up the mountain.

Montana's Bridal hairshe's my florist abbotsford

Isn’t this bouquet by She’s my Florist  stunning?!

I won’t rave too much about Stephanie’s beauty, but I will quote her when she ecstatically saw herself for the first time all dolled up: “I’m more beautiful than any drag queen!”

young makeup artistry

Stephanie and Liam chose to do a first look and then drove up the mountain together. Isn’t that a romantic way to start the wedding day? a 4×4 date in your wedding garb?!


The fog rolled in as the ceremony began and if that isn’t the most magical “walk down the aisle” EVER, I don’t know what is.

mountaintop microwedding on bear mountain

Andre from Vancouver Officiant created a laughter-filled, tear-inducing, memorable ceremony for Stephanie & Liam. I’d venture to say that I’ve never laughed so hard during a wedding ceremony before (and that’s saying a lot, given my 140+ ceremonies!).

mountaintop microwedding with vancouver officiantmountaintop microwedding on bear mountain

mountaintop microwedding on bear mountainmountaintop microwedding on bear mountain

mountaintop microwedding on bear mountain

bear mountain wedding photos

Stephanie and Liam: you know how much you’ve wormed your way into my heart and how much I care for you, cherish your vivacious joy, and appreciate the introduction to my new favourite adventure accessory.  You guys + Nelson will remain firmly embedded in my heart for a very long time (maybe even forever?) and watching you care for one another during this weird season of pivoting and re-planning and re-scheduling has been such a joy.  Thank you for choosing me and letting me be your friend, your photographer, your brainstorming buddy. Let’s go on another adventure soon, okay?

bear mountain wedding photos

And what better way to end the night than a first dance lit by truck headlights? Guys. So amazing.

Stephanie & Liam ROCKED their wedding day plus they had a team of fantastic wedding professionals on their side:

Flowers: She’s my Florist

Officiant: Andre of Vancouver Officiant

Hair: Montana’s Bridal Hair

Makeup: Young Makeup Artistry

Custom Rings: Andrea Roberts Design

Venue: Bear Mountain

Dress: Handmade

Photographer: Jenni Marie Photography

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