Bakerview Church Wedding

Andrew & Britteny packed the house for their Bakerview Church Wedding as they pledged their devotion and love to one another surrounded by family and friends.  Between the fresh flowers, the candlelight, and the stained glass, my emotions didn’t stand a chance.

) Bakerview Church Wedding Abbotsford

Their Bakerview Church wedding ceremony was everything a wedding ought to be: reverent, joyful, and filled with excellent music.  I shouldn’t have been surprised (Britteny is, after all, a musician)  but I was especially awed by the perfectly chosen, perfectly timed processional music that added an emotional soundtrack to my teary joy.  (Gracious. You’d think I’d eventually stop weeping at weddings, but I actually hope I never become jaded to the emotion.  . . maybe I need to invest in waterproof mascara, though.)

Bakerview Church Wedding AbbotsfordBakerview Church Wedding Abbotsford

Bakerview Church Wedding Abbotsford

Britteny’s sisters say she looked radiantly perfect in every wedding dress they tried at Champagne & Lace, so picking The One wasn’t an easy choice.  I say she chose well. I mean, check out that lace! (And just wait until you see the back!)

Bakerview Church Wedding Abbotsford

When I met with Britteny a few weeks ago to finalize the details of our time together, she said I had to take lots of photos of the flowers because they’d be extra beautiful. . . boy oh boy was she right! Sophia’s Flower Shop did a spectacular job creating a bower of floral goodness for Britteny’s wedding.

Props to Greg, second shooter extraordinaire, for noticing the fabulous log and begging the groomsmen to lounge while looking fabulous!


When I hung out with Britteny & Andrew for their engagement photos earlier this year, I knew their fabulousness would make wedding day portraits simply magical.  I was not wrong. 😉  My main problem today is trying to choose between all my favorites!

As Andrew held Britteny, posing as requested, I could almost see the world fade out of view for them as they slipped into their own blissful reality of post-wedding euphoria.

He cherishes her, doesn’t he? 

But with as beautiful as Britteny is, how can he help it?Bakerview Church Wedding Abbotsford Bakerview Church Wedding Abbotsford

I think this set might be my favorite of the day: the forest, the ivy, the fallen leaves, and their smiles.Ellewood Park Wedding Portraits Ellewood Park Wedding Portraits Ellewood Park Wedding Portraits Ellewood Park Wedding Portraits

For their reception at the Abbotsford District Teacher’s Association building, Andrew & Britteny had the most fabulous games ever! In addition to the classic shoe game and a couple of blindfolded tests of knowledge, guests could roll dice to get the bride and groom . . . but only after accomplishing a feat (such as singing a love song as a table, hula-hooping, and providing a kiss to imitate!)


Andrew had to feel each bridesmaid’s elbow and correctly identify his bride’s elbow. (The poor girls had to try SO HARD not to laugh and give away their identity!)

best wedding reception games

He did it! Successfully identified the right elbow!

best wedding reception gamesbest wedding reception games

Britteny had to feel each groomsman’s knee blindfolded in an attempt to correctly identify her groom.

best wedding reception games

After a crowd-pleasing repeat of the row, Britteny also was successful in her first guess! best wedding reception games

Abbotsford District Teacher's Association wedding  Abbotsford District Teacher's Association wedding Abbotsford District Teacher's Association wedding   

What better way to finish a blog post of Britteny & Andrew’s Bakerview Church wedding and ADTA reception than a high-jumping, party-hopping, exuberant groomsman? 😉

Abbotsford District Teacher's Association wedding

Dress: Champagne and Lace
Florist: Sophia’s Flower Shop
Bridesmaid dresses: Etsy
Ceremony Venue: Bakerview Church
Reception Venue: Abbotsford District Teacher’s Association

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