Port Coquitlam Hunting Club Wedding

Zoe & Ricky’s Port Coquitlam Hunting Club wedding will forever be seared in my memory for three distinct reasons: 1) their officiant opened the ceremony with two (or three?) perfectly delivered puns (example: “This wedding may be taking place at a gun range, but this is not a shot gun wedding”), 2) Covid. Enough said. 3) The smoke from a bazillion wildfires rolled in the night before their ceremony,  casting an eerie haze on their entire day and postponing their mountaintop portrait session.


In addition, I have been counting down to this wedding for two solid years and in those months two have walked a lot of really horribly hard things. I find my heart forever and inextricably tied to my couples in best of times (it’s something about watching and re-watching and re-re-watching facial expressions, I think :-P) but to have prayed for them, cried with them, and mourned for them over the years means that my heart is even MORE THAN USUAL intertwined with their life. (Creepy? Maybe. Heartfelt? Definitely. But crying for/with my clients is absolutely why I can photograph with as much emotion as I do.)

Okay, that’s all the sentimental. For now.  But the point? I LOVE THESE TWO AND I AM SO PROUD OF THEM.

Isn’t Zoe gorgeous?! I mean, like duuuh but also Kaitlin Hargreaves and her team did a stellar job accenting her beauty with a little hair and makeup primping!

One of my favourite parts of a wedding day is seeing the wedding dress the bride has chosen.  Dress-to-personality vibe is strong and real and I cannot imagine a more perfect dress for Zoe. Isn’t it BEAUTIFUL?!

If you’re going to have a Port Coquitlam Hunting Club Wedding, embracing the ambiance is everything. But these guys took it up a notch by turning the antlers-and-pelts decorated room into an elegant ceremony venue. I don’t know how they did it, but there it is: elegance under antler lights. 😉 (I think it has to do with greenery and twinkle lights. All the twinkle lights.)

Would you  believe me if I told you that Zoe and her gals made these bouquets themselves?!

I spy with my little eye and shotgun shell boutonniere.

The one perk to smoke rolling in and keeping us off the mountaintop? I get to hang out with these two AGAIN and that’s going to be ridiculously awesome and I cannot wait.

I am so grateful for the incredible team of vendors that Zoe & Ricky chose to help celebrate their wedding day, but especially the poise and efficiency of Breanne of ThistleBEA Your Wedding for coordinating so seamlessly despite the complexities of a Covid wedding.

And if you haven’t seen the preview of Zoe & Ricky’s wedding video from Meghan & Nicole films, now’s your chance: go watch it! 

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