OffRoading Engagement Photos

Mountaintop Engagement Photos Chilliwack

While these offroading engagement photos will be memorable because of the kilometers we spent bouncing up a Chilliwack mountain and the adventure of taking a mountaintop engagement photos date with two offroading 4x4s and the experience of wading through a mountain stream in the rain, Zoe & Ricky’s engagement photos will forever be one of my favorites for an entirely personal reason.

The day before their (once rescheduled) engagement session, I finally admitted that our goal of mountaintop sunset was unrealistic for a second time andwe would be hiking in the rain unless we chose another location. While I don’t mind hiking in the rain (see the larch forest bridal session as proof!), my darling husband decided to try to create an alternative plan.

I spent my Saturday photographing in Hope and he spent his Saturday driving Forest Service Roads scouting a location for me. (Before you think it was a dramatic sacrifice on his part, he loved it. It’s only a side benefit that it made me feel super loved.)

He came home discouraged because he hadn’t achieved his goal . . . and then he showed me the photo he took of the one spot he’d found.


This gem is now my favorite destination and OffRoading Engagement Photos are my new favorite adventure. Plus, we’ve already been back again to have a picnic and watch the sunset so I guess you could say we’re hooked.

(And yes. I’m totally twisting John’s rubber arm to drive us up the mountain if you want your engagement session in this breathtaking spot.)

Mountaintop Engagement Photos Chilliwack

Mountaintop Engagement Photos Chilliwack

OffRoading Engagement Photos Chilliwack

OffRoading Engagement Photos Chilliwack Pajero

OffRoading Engagement Photos Chilliwack in a Pajero

OffRoading Engagement Photos Chilliwack

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