Pitt Lake Engagement Photos in the Rain

At face value, maybe Pitt Lake engagement photos in the rain sounds like your definition of a horrible experience: spending a couple hours at the base of a mountain range, watching the thermometer drop to almost-freezing temperatures, being drenched by pelting rain.

Pelting rain? Freezing temperatures? Worst experience?

What if I told you it was actually one of the best experiences you can imagine? Would you call me crazy?

Yeah, you probably would call me crazy. I’m probably calling myself crazy.

But here’s the deal: when you add in two beautiful people, full of enthusiasm for the start of their lives together, breathing in one another and cherishing the togetherness of a weekend not defined by long distance? We ignored the rain, ignored the cold, and ignored the numbness creeping into our toes. 😉

Kaylee and Aaron have the coolest love story that’s not just because I see parallels to my own love story! I mean, they met on a missions trip (check!), in a foreign country (check!), are from different countries (check!), are getting married on the first weekend in June (check!), and their wedding venue is a summer camp (check!). Basically, even before we met for their rain-soaked engagement shoot I already loved them. Seeing their infectious joy for one another (and even in the rain!) made me love them even more.

Don’t ever ask me to pick which of the almost-three-hundred-sixty-degree view is my favorite for Pitt Lake engagement photos. But dude. They’re all so good.

When they brought a canoe to launch into Pitt Lake? Even my numb toes rejoiced.

A wise couple once said that before marriage, a couple should do two things: navigate a new area and canoe together.  If any two situations are full of potential learning opportunities, navigating and canoeing are it. Right?! But these two have both navigated foreign countries together AND successfully stayed upright in a canoe. 😉

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