Reasons to Have a Spring Wedding

When it comes to planning a wedding, there is one season that stands out as more romantic than all the rest. That season is, of course, spring. There are many reasons to have a spring wedding. It is a season with much to offer – beautiful fresh blooms, new spring produce, and the enviable off season. As you plan for your special day, here are the top five reasons to have a spring wedding.

reasons to have a spring wedding

  1. Fresh Blooms


Perhaps the most obvious reason to have a spring wedding is the endless array of freshly blooming flowers. Tulips, daffodils, crocuses, peonies … any outdoor venues will be in full bloom. Stand under an arch of fresh cherry blossoms, or take your photos in a field of tulips. You could give a small packet of flower seeds as a favour to each of your guests.  


All of these spring flowers bring out the most romantic of colour palates. Pastels reign supreme in spring, with its fresh feminine colour palettes like pink and gold, mint greens, fresh yellows, and rose gold. And of course, with daylight savings, you have an extra hour of glowy spring evening light to celebrate in the fresh outdoors.


  1.  New Beginnings


The fresh blooms of spring have long since come to symbolize new life. A naturally romantic time of year filled with new life, it is the perfect time to start your new life together. The romance of the fresh dew on the grass below and waving cherry blossoms above, all draw attention to this theme.    


A spring wedding celebrates the new beginning of your marriage. Could there be a more beautiful symbol of new life? Marriage is a new season of life, a new chapter together with a person you commit to spend forever with – and what better time to make that commitment then in the spring, the season of new beginnings?  


  1. Farm to Table Spring Produce


As winter turns into spring, there are few things more exciting than the burst of fresh produce. Take full advantage of the farm to table movement with stunning, fresh spring produce. From fresh asparagus to new potatoes, the early spring harvest is a beautiful time in the culinary world.


As fresh herbs, edible flowers, early fruits and berries and new produce make their way onto the scene again, speak with your caterer about your vision for the meal, and choose foods that highlight the new season. Perhaps rather than the traditional dinner, a romantic spring brunch? And when it comes to the drink table, this is the perfect time to start re-introducing fresh ice teas and lemonade!

  1. Perfect In-between Weather


Layers, layers, layers! Getting married in spring avoids the summer and winter extremes of hot and cold. Rather, you are likely to end up with a day that is warm or cool. Either way, no one will be sweltering, and if it is a bit warm, well then gorgeous wraps and shawls can always make an appearance!


And while you do run the risk of those April showers making an appearance, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Embrace it with covered patios, and enjoy the fresh scent of spring rain on the newly blooming gardens. And let’s not forget, clear umbrella photos are stunning.

reasons to have a spring wedding

  1. The Off Season


Spring is technically still in the off season, for both weddings and travel. This means that vendors are more accessible and may even offer shoulder-season rates, and the honeymoon flights will be less expensive as well. Getting married in the spring off season is a great way to take advantage of deals not available in the summertime high season, and to make your money stretch the furthest. Not to mention that because people generally have less travel plans in the spring, your special day is less likely to conflict with family and friend’s special vacation!


There are so many reasons to have a spring wedding, be it the beautiful flowers, fresh produce, ideal temperatures, the advantages of the off season or simply the beautiful symbol of new life. As you plan your special day and take each of these things into account, be inspired of the beauty of the season, as it celebrates the beauty of your unfolding love story.

reasons to have a spring wedding


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