Empire Room Wedding


Time stood still. She’d trudged up two flights of stairs, carrying her shoes and trying to avoid tripping on her dress. He’d tenderly helped her across the pebble strewn pathway, trekking from the stairway to the edge — the combination of those perfect heels and the uneven path wasn’t exactly easy. She navigated it easily with him by her side, though.  They balanced on the railing of the rooftop, watching each other glowing in the golden sunset. Their view of downtown Greensboro was spectacular, unobstructed. The sunset was perfect. The breeze was mellow. The cars below didn’t even know a bride and groom were above. But Micah and Kathryn? Oblivious to it all. He saw her. She saw him.

Her husband.

His wife.

Married. Finally.


Micah did finally take a moment to take in his view — compliments of the cameraphone.









The positively effortless evening came compliments to Laura of Statestreet Florist, Todd of MTP Productions, and the amazing staff at the Empire Room.


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