Oldtown Engagement Photos

Let’s take a minute to acknowledge: it takes an inordinate amount of brave to be willing to hire a photographer before even meeting in person! And especially to hire a photographer from across the continent to come into your world and celebrate your marriage.


That’s exactly what Michelle & Zachary did. And I love them for it.

After many emails, a lot of Instagram back-and-forth, and a Skype conversation: our first meeting was on a sidewalk outside a wine bar. (If you follow along on Instagram, you may have read how this happened on St. Patrick’s day and I spotted a couple walking toward me in matching, green, three-piece suits just before Michelle & Zachary showed up . . . and I was temporarily unnerved by the fashion choice and how it would play in photos. 😛 The matching leprechaun couple was NOT my new friends and I now wonder whether I need glasses.)

All told, this engagement session was everything an engagement session ought to be: sunny, relaxed, full of laughter, NOT leprechaun themed. 😉  We meandered the cobblestone streets just chasing the light and finding pockets of color and wandering alleyways and avoiding crowded tourist traps. Simply put: we got to know one another while I chased my creative whims and acted a bit like a giddy dork finding pockets of glowing light to play with.

I have been stoked for their wedding for the past several months, but after spending an afternoon with these two I am bursting with excitement for all that our time together will be.

Pssst. CHECK OUT THAT LIGHT. Ohmygoodness, I swooned. A lot.

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